Our Services

Property Inspection

We conduct property inspections to pinpoint points of concern that could have a negative effect on the safety, condition and value of properties. The first step towards knowing the occupancy status and the state of a property is to conduct precise and well-timed property inspections. Detecting potentially damaging issues early enough can go a long way in reducing the volume and severity of damages that a property suffers, it ultimately helps in preserving the value and the condition of properties. Homeeup provides a wide array of property inspections, including but not limited to full interior inspections, exterior occupancy checks and attempted contact with homeowners.

Property Preservation

Property preservation is essential to protect and keep unoccupied properties intact. Working through a national network of vendors, Homeeup secures, protects and maintains unoccupied properties for loan servicers. The processes involved in property preservation are in line with the necessary insurers and investors’ guidelines. Our contractors are professionals who will conduct accurate evaluation and reporting of potential issues on the property for swift and optimal intervention. At Homeeup, we pride ourselves in going all the way from default, to foreclosure and then conveyance with our clients.

REO Services Services

Homeeup services are essential for the security and maintenance of properties. The fallout from the country’s housing crisis has increased the market for REO services, and Homeeup has evolved into a trailblazer in helping clients maintain their REO assets in order to keep such properties valuable and increase their marketability. In the past, real estate agents were saddled with the responsibility of maintaining a REO property that they had contracts to sell. Presently, REO maintenance and marketing duties have been separated in order to have companies focus on their core competencies. Hence, realtors can focus their attention and energy on facilitating the sale of a property while the focus of field service companies will be on how to secure the property and in keep it in prime condition. Homeeup has pioneered innovative systems and processes that ensure that services are effective, efficient and timely. The best part is the three-way line of communication that runs between Homeeup, contractors and real estate agents in charge of the property as a check and balance to ensure that REO properties are kept in prime conditions to increase their marketability, value and appeal.


We’re a company specializing in mortgage property services including property inspections, preservation and more.